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Smartphone Technology

incorporating 4k aerial footage of local attractions facilitated by ever-advancing technology 

Our Aims

The future of Visit AR Guide.

In not so distant future, we will be introducing the Visit AR Guide. What is Visit AR Guide? It’s a smartphone tour guide that will set the standard for comprehensive and inclusive guides. It aims to take the visitor “off the beaten track” thus encouraging the development of new destinations to a more “local” Ireland..

The Visit AR Guide will be free for visitors. It will be distributed across Ireland’s tourism offices, hotels & other entertainment and information centres.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Global Access

Comprehensive visitors’ guide including; things to see & do, tours, events, dining, accommodation, etc.

Aerial Videos

Visitors are introduced to advertised businesses by watching scenic videos, allowing them to plan visits to villages, towns & attractions.

Eco Friendly

97% less print than a traditional brochure. One compact, pocket-sized guide that’s linked to the App using augmented reality.


Where To?

Variety of destinations to choose from. Potential for 70,000,000 Irish diaspora searching for their family roots.

Business Equality

Worldwide platform for advertising from 35p per day for all local tourism businesses using the latest cutting edge technology.

Analytics Analysis

See how the visitors are interacting with the app and what attractions they’re interested in. This data would be available upon request.


& discover Ireland

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